Visiting Athens and seeking to feel like a Greek for a while?

If you want to feel like a Greek for a while, is the answer.

In the last few years, the number of people who visited Greece in order to get a close look at its beauties, history and cultural background has increased. Undoubtedly, there is a great need for quality, contemporary and reliable touristic services. is a new, innovative cultural tourism company based in Athens, Greece. Anna and Nikos, the two founders, designed a series of exciting and interactive experiences through which people will get to know the Greek culture in an authentic way! By this innovative concept, the two entrepreneurs are trying to drastically change the way that travelers experience the Greek culture.

The whole idea is based in activities that anyone loves; exploring, cooking, dancing & having fun! is offering exciting, personalized and affordable services that will create memories, which will last forever and will make you taste Athens like a local!

Exploring the city

Wear comfortable shoes and explore Athens through specific cultural trails. designed some walks in the city that are meant to show you a different, unique & timeless Athens. Stop being a tourist and become an explorer!

Cooking mouthwatering Greek recipes

Get to know the gastronomical tradition of Greece by cooking Greek recipes in a private, authentic place in downtown Athens. With the help of a food specialist, you will have the chance to create the most delicious Greek plates and have a great time dining with people that share the same passion with you!

Dancing like Zorba

If you have felt the urge to dance a traditional Greek dance then this is the time to do so.

Through a fun and simple process, with the help of a professional dancer, you learn quickly and easily the steps of the dance you like and enjoy yourself in an authentic Greek feast!

If you want to get a small taste of what is going to follow, you can watch the video of the Tzatziki Project, a cooking lesson that was held by in Monastiraki Square in Athens! The travelers passing by had the opportunity to create their own tzatziki sauce, in an easy 4-step process! is going to launch soon an Indiegogo campaign. In order to get on the earlybird list, visit and sign up!