Top 3 things to do in Kefalonia

With its almost year-round sunny weather, beautiful bays sporting Loggerhead turtles, stunning countryside walks and photogenic whitewashed villages perched upon the hillsides; it is easy to understand why the Greek island of Kefalonia has been cited as being the ‘island of dreams’.
If you are lucky enough to be heading off to Kefalonia this year then check out three great activities on Kefalonia, the ‘island of dreams.’


Kefalonia was simply made for kayaking! Offering an extensive range of excursions around Kefalonia that can be tailored to cater for all levels of ability and fitness, kayaking is one of the best activities on Kefalonia and a great way to explore this magical island.

One of the most popular kayaking excursions, is a trip that starts at Agios Kiriaki Bay on the Lixouri peninsula. During this seven-hour seaborne voyage, kayakers explore sea caves, deserted coves, breath-taking views of the open sea and shoreline in the distance, and if you’re lucky you may even catch a glimpse of one of the six most endangered mammals in the world, the Mediterranean monk seals.

Join in the ‘Volta’

Asides being ablaze with a lively nightlife scene and a copious amount of water sports, there’s one more ‘subdued’ and ‘relaxed’ pastime that is a favourite in the busy working town of Argostoli – the capital of Kefalonia. In the summer months especially, the extensive esplanade of King George II Avenue is a favourite spot for taking a ‘volta’, which is essentially an evening stroll.

This traditional social occasion is immensely popular on Kefalonia, where locals of all ages stroll about and chatter with those they encounter on route! If you want to experience a touch of Kefalonian culture then be sure to join in the ‘volta’ at sunset.

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