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GRAPE VARIETIES: Assyrtiko 85% , Aidani 15%.
AGING: 8 years
DRINK UNTIL: Minimum 10 years after bottling
COLOR: Dark Bronze
BOU QUET: Elegant aromas of the aging in barrels combined with chocolate, toasted coffee beans, honey, dried nuts and sour cherries.

Patiently ageing in oak for 8 years, this fine dessert wine from Santorini embraces the dynamics of the sun dried Assyrtiko and Aidani grapes. The complex aromas of coffee beans and dried fruit and the astonishing balance between sweetness and acidity leave an elegant long aftertaste. Enjoy it at 10 ο C. Great ageing potential.

FOOD AND WINE: Deserts based on coffee, chocolate, dried nuts, dried fruits or mocha ice cream.