Mavrodaphne, Robola, Vostylidi



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PDO Kefalonia

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About This Project

History: The blending of these three varieties (Mavrodaphne, Robola & Vostylidi) for the production of fresh rosé wines is a local Kafalonian tradition.

Cultivation: Rodino comes from privately owned, 60-year-old vines. Its cultivation is organic and non irrigated with yields per hectare that not exceeding 5000kg. No mechanical means are deployed during cultivation, whereas organic compost and green manure is used to ensure better growth.

Vinification: In order to achieve a harmonic blend of the varieties we performe co-vinification and a short cold extraction of Mavrodaphne skins. The fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at law temperatures. From Mavrodaphne we get the attractive pink colour, the necessary tannins and a little red fruit. From Vostylidi we get fresh citrus aromas and the necessary acidity, while Robola offers balance and harmony.

Character: The wine has a light pink colour. It is characterized by fresh aromas of red and citrus fruit in a coffee background. The flavour is fresh, fruity and spicy with a lemony aftertaste.

Harmony: Ideal for pasta with light red sauces, Chinese cuisine, fruits and salads.

Cephalonian Cuisine: Octopus-pie and “tsigaridia”.

Served at 9-11 °C.
Consumed fresh and within three years from harvest.