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History: Robola is one of the noblest Greek white varieties. It originates from NE Italy and the variety Ribolla Gialla, while the name is derived from the word “rhombus” (ital. “rombo”), the geometrical shape to which both ancient Greeks and Romans attributed magical properties.

Cultivation: Our Robola is grown on terroir specific for this variety, on the semi-mountainous areas of the Robola zone at an altitude of 600-800m. The rocky limestone soil and steep slopes combined with the proximity to the wooded areas of Aenos and the sea breeze during the evening hours create an excellent microclimate that gives the wine its aromatic richness, concentrated volume, minerality and intense freshness. In these territories the yield per hectare does not exceed 5000kg.

Winemaking: Robola, the “Ionian Countess”, is very sensitive to oxidation and requires special attention to accurately determine the correct time for harvest and winemaking. Aiming for the best quality, we use only the precious juice before the grapes are pressed while vinification takes place in stainless steel tanks, in controlled temperatures. Fresh wine matures on its fine lees in order to gain complexity and stability.

Character: Shiny dry white wine on a green background. Aromas of wild flowers, stone fruits and herbs, elegant fruity flavor with distinct mineral notes, balanced acidity and a delicious fruity aftertaste.

Harmony: Can be enjoyed on its own as an aperitif or with seafood, especially shellfish, grilled fish and white meat with light white or lemon-based sauces.