Zakynthino, Vostylidi, Robola



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PDO Kefalonia

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About This Project

History: Zakynthino and Vostylidi are two rare but highly promising local varieties. The Zakynthino originates from the neighboring island of Zakynthos and the variety Asproudi. With significant differences between them, Zakinthino is now grown almost exclusively in the southern part of Kefalonia, in the region of Elios. Vostylidi has also a great tradition in Kefalonian viniculture with its major areas in Paliki, Agonas and Elios.

Cultivation: Old, non-irrigated vineyards, organically cultivated. Zakynthyno gives wines of high acidity and impressively intense citrus character. In the ideal terroir of Elios, it can develop noble rot aromas adding complexity in their character. Vostylidi offers the aromatic palette and extra flavour, volume and strength while Robola gives us balance, harmony and elegance.

Vinification: This wine is produced with co-vinification or blending of these three varieties. With modern white winemaking methods we avoid techniques and interventions that may reduce the organoleptic characteristics. Part of the wine is been matured in France oak barrels.

Character: Bright golden-yellow colour, aromas of flowers, citrus and stone fruits, full flavour, refreshing acidity due to its special blending, and a long lemony aftertaste.

Harmony: Ideal with white meat in lemon-base sauces, fatty grilled fish, and fried dishes.

Cephalonian Cuisine: Codfish-pie or lamb cooked in a clay pot(“tserepa”).