Vlahiko, Bekari



Geographical Indication

PDO Ioannina



About This Project

Peppery character, black fruits, burst of aromas

The blend with the two indigenous varieties of Ioannina, Vlahiko and Bekari, creates an enviable dry red wine with a bursting aromatic character.

The earthy elegance that is given from the aromas of “freshly cut mushroom” as well as the spicy elements in its composition create a completely complex and fascinating bouquet of aromas.

The colour and flavour bring to mind wild red and black berries, such as blueberries and wild cherries. It ages for 2 years in French oak barrels and it is enriched with aromas and body, thus becoming even more exceptional.

Nose: The aromas of red and black fruits such as blackberry, black cherry and plum are predominant while freshly cut mushroom and spicy elements complete the complex aromatic profile.

Mouth: The robust tannins and its fresh acidity show that it is a wine with great aging potential. The abundant black fruit, the spicy spices vigorously create an explosive bouquet in the mouth.