Geographical Indication

PDO Ioannina

Alcohol Level


Bubles, White
About This Project

Produced with the “signature” of the unique grape variety of Zitsa!
A unique sparkling white wine that has been given its name from the famous local white grape variety of Zitsa, the famous Debina. It is a variety ideal for the production of sparkling and semi-sparkling wines.
An excellent wine with rich natural foaming and intense fresh aromas, achieved during the second fermentation in stainless steel tanks following the method of “closed tanks”
Colour: Wheaten colour with thousands of natural bubbles.
Nose: Expressive and pleasant aromas of fresh fruits, mainly green fruits such as apple and pear and impressive hints of melon.
Mouth: Light, cool and fresh taste, with rich foaming. It has a pleasant finish with length and finesse.