Malagouzia, Debina



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PDO Ioannina

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Rich, round, pearled colour and hints of fresh peach
A dry white wine which creates positive impressions even from the first sip. It is produced from the Greek varieties Malagouzia and Debina which are grown in the vineyards White Soils (Malagouzia) and the hill of Prophet Elias in Zitsa (Debina), located at an altitude of 500 and 700 meters respectively.
The vineyard where Malagouzia grows is around 15 acres with a sloping, limey ground. The continental climate of the region characterized by mild winters and cool summers adds to this special wine rich flavours, and aromas of exotic fruits.
Colour: Pearled with greenish nuances.
Nose: Aromas of fresh peach, pineapple, mango, melon, citron and hints of vanilla tea.
Mouth: Rich and full-bodied with balanced acidity and intense mouth aromas. It has long aftertaste with notes of vanilla.