Kefalonia wine region. An ode to Robola!

Locals carefully grow and mature ROBOLA in a way that has made them famous for the quality wines produced. The Omala Valley of Kefallonia is the island’s primary wine-region, and most vineyards and wineries are clustered around St. Gerasimos Monastery. Most are open to the public so you’ll be able to take an informative tour and learn more about this interesting process. Minies, Omalon and Pessada villages are known for their mouth-watering Robola varieties, as are wineries around Lixouri.

At Cephalonia/Kefalonia, Robola wines are often ungrafted in the limestone soils of the island. The vine early ripening and can produce high acid wines with significant phenolic levels. Wines made from this grape tend to be dry, medium bodied with a distinct lemon note. According to wine experts, Robola wines can have flinty character as well.
Although that over the years Robola has been known under a variety of synonyms including Asporombola, Asprorobola, Asprorompola, Robbola, Robola Aspri, Robola Kerini, Rombola, Rombola Aspri and Rompola, it’s uniqueness remains the same and it is open for challenges! Taste the Robola experience yourself!
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If you’re a wine connoisseur, Kefallonia’s Robola wine will win you over!