Guidelines for responsible wine drinking

In order to fully and safely enjoy wine, all that is needed is to keep in mind some simple responsible drinking guidelines:

• Drink slowly and savor the wine
• Accompany wine with good food even if it is a light meal
• Accompany your wine drinking with sufficient amounts of water which offer the body hydration (in contrast with alcohol which dehydrates the system)
• Regular consumption of small amounts of wine is preferable to binge drinking large amounts on a single occasion

Based on available scientific evidence and different references provided by various public health authorities, it is a medically accepted fact that moderate consumption of alcohol especially of beverages with a low alcoholic content presents a low risk factor. According to the key responsible drinking guidelines governing moderate consumption, the following are set out:

• Up to 2 drink units of wine a day for women
• Up to 3 drink units of wine a day for men
• No more than 3 drink units of wine on any one occasion
• Underage people should not drink. Alcohol consumption should be avoided in certain situations such as when pregnant, when taking certain medication (please consult your physician), when operating heavy machinery, or when driving.

According to the basic responsible drinking guidelines, one (1) glass of wine at 12% ABV should not exceed 100ml. That amount is gradually reduced as the ABV increases, dropping to 60ml for liqueur wines of a high alcohol content.