Can you get drunk on ice-cream?

A US based dairy company, Mercer’s Dairy, has been around for decades, but in 2006 they launched what may be the world’s ultimate frozen treat – wine ice cream. This isn’t wine-flavored ice cream either. We’re talking about actual wine-infused ice cream that clocks in at 5% alcohol-by-volume. So yes, you can actually get drunk on your ice cream. We’ve got to say this sounds really appetizing.”
Since 2006, this cult ice-cream has grown in popularity, going mainstream last year. Whatever your taste in wine is, they’ve got an ice cream flavor for you:
Cherry Merlot
Chocolate Cabernet
Peach White Zinfandel
Red Raspberry Chardonnay
Strawberry Sparkling
They are producing their ice cream locally in New York, in the town of Boonville, and there is limited national distribution.