Bubbly…Blink. A fine Greek Sparkling wine

Raising a glass and making toasts with a sparkling Greek wine, could lead to a wonderful moment. Let’s Blink.

Immediately you will know that Blink is one of the most ‘hip’ sparkling wines around. You can see this with the fashion forward design of the bottle an label.   It is no surprise that this creative design was awarded the Golden Pentaward Metal in packaging design in 2011.

But don’t think of Blink as just a pretty face, don’t look away—she is just as beautiful on the inside as the outside. A delicious wine that received 90 points and a ‘Best Buy’ recommendation in the 2013 August issue of Wine and Sprits.

Blink Wine is a product by a butique winery from North Greece, called Pieria Eratini.

Blink is a dry sparkling wine from 100% Muscat Alexandria (Zibibbo). Today I drink it at a perfect 7 degrees (whites should be at 6-8 degrees Celsius).

In opening the bottle, one immediately can appreciate the aromatic nose. This bottle/glass of wine is clean with no visual defects . Pale yellow and bright in color with a nose of almond, almond blossoms, peach, pear and citrus. There is even a hint of the yeast.

The palate follows the nose and one feels a mouth full of flowers which is followed by a slight fruitiness, especially the pear. It’s mild acidity and minerality balance the sweet flavor that comes on the front of the  mouth with an aftertaste of buttery or toffee candy such as a caramel.

This wine would pair well with Asian style foods, especially spicy or sweet & sour dishes. I can certainly imagine it as a dessert pairing with bitter chocolate or something fruity. Great aperitif on it’s own. Enjoy with first course of vegetables or salad. Drink Blink with a plate of yellow and white cheese or with foie gras/pate, or simply anytime the occasion calls for bubbles:)