10+1 great Greek red indigenus wines

According to Greek and international wine experts, that have reviewd a great number of samples, we have completed a list of the 10 best Greek red wines, made from indigenous Greek grapes.

2008 Domaine Sigalas Mavrotragano, PGI Cyclades. 94 points.
100% mavrotragano. (50+ yrs. old vines) organic.
18 months new French oak.
Regional food: Kleftiko, World: Roast leg of lamb, game, spicy casseroles, hearty pies, blue vein cheeses.
Deep ruby red. Dense viscosity. Alluring aromas of oriental spice and dark fruit like plum, blackberry and black currant.  Rich and gentle tannins, balanced acidity and complex aftertaste. Very complete wine, with years still to develop, not unlike a great Italian nebbiolo! Wonderfully lasting finish.

2005 Boutari Filiria, PDO Goumenissa, 92 points.
50% Xinomavro / 50% Negoska, organic.
12 months on French oak.
Regional food: Beef tenderloin. World: game, lamb chops, organ meat (sikoti), kokoretsi, matured cheeses.
Dark ruby. Light viscosity. Tempting, complex aroma of black olive, dried fruit and some oak. On the palate affluent acidity and round tannins, dark fruit and spice. Fleshy structure and a good lasting finish. Will develop still.

2008 Dougos Rapsani, PDO Rapsani. 91 points.
xinomavro, krassato, stavroto. 1/3 each. organic.
12 months French / American oak.
Regional food: Kokoretsi, Kontosouvli, World: roast beef, spicy lamb stews, veal medallions in a red-wine sauce.
Brilliantly deep ruby. Dense. Developed aroma’s of fig, prune, red currant, and medium toast. Harmoniously interacting flavors like plum, prune, black currant (cassis), vanilla, black pepper. Pleasant acidity. Medium/full body. Round fleshy texture and a lasting finish.

2008 Kir-Yianni Ramnista, PDO Naoussa, 91 points.
100% xinomavro.
16 months in French / American oak 225 / 500 lt. barrels.
Regional food: Kokoretsi. World: game, hearty stews, matured cheeses.
Radiant dark purple. Medium viscosity. Deep, rich aroma’s of blackberry, blueberry, plum, sandalwood and black olive. Vivid acids. Complex flavors of red currant, black currant and dried tomatoes. Balanced tannins and oak. Medium/full bodied. Appealing lively texture. This wine will go a long way!

2008 Alpha Estate Reserve Xinomavro, PDO Amyndeon,  91 points.
100% Xinomavro,  Vieilles Vignes
18-20 months French oak.
Regional food: Slow Roast Greek lamb. World: dove’s breast, saddle of hare & lamb, veal liver, prime red meat.
Deep ruby. Concentrated density. Amazing aroma’s of sweetish ripe plum, prune and blueberry. Soft vanilla tones. Elegant acidity combining ripe currant, plum and cherry flavors, sundried tomatoes, black olive and tobacco leaf. Impressive finish leaves you with a wish for more!. Make sure to decant hours ahead…

2008 Lyrarakis Mandilari, PGI Crete, 90 points.
100% mandilari
12 months new/old French oak, 9 months bottle.
Regional food: Kokoretsi. World: prime red meats, kleftiko, game, rich matured cheeses.
Deep dark purple. Dense viscosity. Thanks to very low yields and a twelve month stay on new/old French oak, this wine is a great symphony of aromas and rich flavors. In the nose ripe plums and prunes, vanilla and some cocoa.
On the palate concentrated plum, black currant and some fine tannins.
A grape to remember! Certainly this variety will go a long way…

2005 Tsantali Rapsani Grand reserve, PDO Rapsani, 90 points.
1/3 Xinomavro, 1/3 Krassato, 1/3 Stavroto.
18 months new French Allier barrels, 18 months bottle.
Regional food: Ragu of braised lamb. World: kokoretsi, lagos stifado, game,  wodino me lachano, prime roasted / grilled meat, blue vein cheese.
Dense purple. good viscosity. Expressive aroma’s of cherry, blackberry, black currant (cassis). Modest tones of forest floor, smokey bacon, and vanilla. Gentle flavors of raspberry, blackberry. A dash of black olive, clove, and cedar. Balanced, matured body. Smooth textured. Appealing finish. Still improving…

2006 Papaioannou Agiorgitiko, vieilles vignes, PDO Nemea, 89 points.
100% agiorgitiko, old vines (+50 years old)
Dio certified organic.
12 months French oak.
Regional food: Kleftiko. World: rich meat stews, kokoretsi, paidakia, game, rich cheeses.
Dark ruby, slightly brown rim. Great viscosity. Distinguished, elegant nose of ripened dark fruit like cherry (amarone), blackberry and plum. Well supporting fragrances of cedar and mushroom. Well balanced flavors of ripe dark fruit with a tinge of oriental spice and mellow oak. Firm body with a velvety structure. Pleasant long finish. Great class! Should improve even more…

2007  Domaine Skouras St. George, PDO Nemea, 89 points.
100% Agiorgitiko
12 months French oak.
Regional: food kleftiko, lagos (hare) stifado. World: kid (suckling goat), blue vein cheese.
Dark purple colored. Good viscosity. Well developed aroma’s of cherry, blueberry, plum, black currant (cassis), vanilla, and tobacco. Rich flavors of blueberry, blackberry, black currant (cassis), oak, and garrigue. The body is medium/full. Volumptuous smooth texture. The wine finishes Long. Surprising! 12 months new French oak.

2008 Aidarini Single vineyard, PDO Goumenissa. 88 points.
70% xinomavro, 30% negoska.
12 months new French oak.
Regional food: Slow roast goat. World: lamb, kid, red meat, game, casseroles, grilled vegetables, matured hard cheeses.
Deep dark ruby. Medium+ viscosity. Spicy nose, dried medicinal herbs and prominent majoram, dried berries and a hint of plums, some old oak. Fairly juicy preserved cranberry and plum fruit, very slightly medicinal, floral traces, more earthy notes and old oak, very slightly prominent tannins, shows its origin, fairly persistent and has some backbone, very good finish.

2009 Gerovasiliou AVATON. Unrated yet! A unique wine that has a long way ahead, made from one of the most gifted Greek winemaker!
Winery: Domaine Gerovassiliou
Wine Type: Dry red
Vintage: 2009
Varietal make-up: 40% Limnio, 30% Mavroudi, 30% Mavrotragano
Alcohol level: 13.5
Viticulture: sustainable
Geographical indication: PGI Epanomi
Total number of bottles produced: 5.000 bottles.