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Taste the Experience! Discover the diversity and the secrets of the indigenous Greek wines.

If you’re wondering where the name The Greek Wine Experience came from, you’re probably very close.

It perfectly describes what we stand for and who we are and the approach we take when it comes to Greek wines. We are a group of people that share a deep passion for wine, and anything related to it, and enjoy it too!

That’s why we are The Greek Wine Experience.


We are relatively new in the vast community of wine lovers, but are happy to slowly make our name for ourselves as we contribute to it by offering unique experiences on a daily basis, besides the fact that we are sharing our passion through our blog.

Even though we wouldn’t necessarily call ourselves experts (yet), we have a reasonable amount of experience tasting different types of wines from allover Greece and various geographies and regions from other countries, we would be delighted if you’d be willing to join us on our journey as we discover more and more about Greek wine and share our learnings with you on one of our locations.


Most importantly, our mission is to offer you The Greek Wine Experience in a most fun and informative way as possible that may spark an interest in wine for you, or in case you’re already interested, a deepened curiosity to perhaps broaden that interest.

It’s great to have you here and we would love to host you in one of our events!













Everything About Greek Wines

An inspiring journey to Greek indigenous grape varieties


reece is a beautiful country, with a long history and a culture of good wines paired with good foods – in fact, the Greeks will rarely drink without eating.

Greece is a wine haven that delights the palate, from its dry whites to its sweet dessert wines. Resin wines and organic wines abound, adding more elements to surprise the connoisseur and passerby alike. There are wine roads, indicating the importancy of wine tours in Greece, that criss-cross across Northern Greece near by Thessaloniki, but also through the Peloponnese. Both areas are proud of their wines, but then again so are islands such as Samos, Crete, Santorini and Kefalonia. Practically every prefecture in the country has at least three wineries, and all deserve honorable mention. Discover the indigenous Greek wines alongside with great home-made Greek cheeses and take your stay to another level. Follow us in a unique Kefalonia wine tasting or Thessaloniki Wine Tasting.

Enjoy! Greek Wines, Real Taste, Great Living.

We are proud Ambassdors of

Robola! If you’re a wine connoisseur, Kefallonia’s Robola wine will win you over.

Winemaking has been going on at Kefalonia for millennia, thanks to the rich soil, generous sun and ideal conditions. But the similarities for the wines stop there, as the soil changes from area to area, the elevations produce different flavors and the techniques take on various facets.

Locals carefully grow and mature this variety in a way that has made them famous for the quality wines produced. The Omala Valley of Kefalonia is the island’s primary wine-region, and most vineyards and wineries are clustered around St. Gerasimos Monastery. If you are looking for things to do in Kefalonia, some of them are open for wine tours, so you’ll be able to visit and learn more about Greek wineries. Minies, Omalon and Pessada villages are known for their mouth-watering Robola varieties, as are wineries around Lixouri.

There are some places that are so unique and so vibrant, you’d swear they have a life and soul of their own, a beating heart hidden in the landscape. Kefalonia (or Cephalonia) is one of these rare places! So beautiful with a personality of it’s own, it infuses everything from its architecture to its art, its stunning beaches to its soaring mountains.
We, at The Greek Wine Experience offer unique wine and food experiences as we are passionate about

Kefalonia wine tours


private wine tastings in Kefalonia

Our mission here is simple: provide an unforgettable experience so that our guests will want to return season after season!

Enjoy Greek Wines, Real Taste, Great Living!


“Our mission is to offer you The Greek Wine Experience in a most fun and informative way as possible that may spark an interest in wine for you! One of the enthousiastic members of our team or me personally will make sure that you will enjoy your day with us. We will make it a day for you to remember for ever!”
Dimitri Lolos, Director